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Originally enrolled in LSA (Literature, Science, and the Arts College), I switched to the School of Information's BSI program at the University of Michigan. I have taken courses in both UX design as well as data analysis. I am currently in my last semester and am graduating in April 2018.

While I am still new in terms of UX design and research, I am eager to learn and continue to develop my skills as a UX professional.

Portfolio Projects

comyouter design logo


Digital protoype for a gamified productivity app designed for train commuters. In the SI 482 UX Design Course based on the CHI conferance prompt and guidlines, the goal was to solve a problem for a target community.

picture of old website

SI 206 First Website

In one of my first classes within the school of information at the University of Michigan, I built a website from scratch using bootstrap, json, and python.

dining hall app icon

EECS 183 Dining Hall iOS App

In a C++ coding class, my final project was to create an ios dining app that listed the university's dining halls, their meals, as well as nutrition facts.

tableu map visualization

SI 370 Data Project and Visualizations

In one of my data exploration courses, I looked CDC's food illnesses data and created a variety of analyses and visualizations using both python and Tableu.

logo for Chicago Field Mueseum

SI 487 Senior Capstone Course

While still in progress, I am currently working on designing an education solution with the Chicago Field Museum.

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